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Man Who Visited Every Country Recommends Iceland

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Having visited every country in the world, one man reveals the 12 countries he would recommend to other people above all others.

At just 36-years-old, Norwegian Gunnar Garfors was the youngest person known to have visited every country in the world, The Independent reports.

Although he embarked upon the epic trip as the result of losing a bet, he was lucky enough to not need to give up his job, and was able to work on-the-go using his laptop.

Since returning home, lucky Gunnar has revealed the 12 countries he would recommend to other people.

They are: Norway, New Zealand, Vietnam, Iceland, Romania, Uruguay, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Dominica, Kiribati, Sierra Leone and Kyrgyzstan.

Gunnar completed his long journey in Cape Verde, just before his 37th birthday in 2013.

In a poll on The Independent’s website, of his top-12, the most readers have visited Norway and the fewest have visited Kyrgyzstan. Iceland is in fourth place; though Gunnar presents the countries in no particular order.

From: icelandreview.com