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Growing numbers visit beautiful Reykjanes peninsula: Record increase in number of overnight stays

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Reykjanes peninsula has seen a larger increase in the number of overnight stays than any other part of Iceland. The increase between 2010 and 2015 was a whopping 245%, compared to a national average of 161%. The growth is explained by the proximity to the Keflavík International Airport, and the rugged natural beauty, geothermal areas and lava fields of the Reykjanes Geopark.

According to the regional news site vf.is the growth in the number of overnight stays has been strongest in West Iceland and the South West, especially Reykjanes. Proximity to the Keflavík International Airport and Reykjavík and the capital region seem to be particularly important, as the smallest increase has been in East Iceland, where the number of overnight stays has grown by 138%.

At the same time as the number of foreign visitors and overnight stays has grown, the supply of hotel rooms has increased. However, the growth in the number of hotel rooms has been far slower than the growth in the number of visitors. In 2014 and 2015 the number of foreign visitors to Iceland grew by 175%, when the number of hotel rooms in the Reykjanes peninsula grew by 95%, leading to a better occupancy ratio of hotel rooms.

Unaralleled natural beauty
Reykjanes peninsula is not only home to the Keflavík Airport and one of Iceland‘s best known and most popular tourist attractions, the Blue Lagoon, but also countless other beautiful sights worth visiting.

The rugged lava fields of Reykjanes are among the most beautiful in Iceland. The last major period of volcanic activity in the region began shortly before Iceland was settled, in the 8th and 9th centuries, and came to an end in the mid-13th century. These lava fields formed in these eruptions are still relatively barren, since very little vegetation other than moss has managed to colonize the hostile lava fields.

The four major volcanic systems on the Reykjanes peninsula include hundreds of open fissures and major high temperature geothermal systems, characterized by intense surface activity that has created a diversity of colours contrasting with the black lava and the lush green moss. The best two of the best known, and most easily accessible, are on the Krýsuvík system south-west coast of Kleifarvatn and Eldvörp, west of the Blue lagoon.


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Keflavik Airport

Keflavík International Airport ranked one of world’s best airports in 2015

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According to the Airport Council International, a trade group representing airports, Keflavík International Airport is among the best airports in Europe. The ACI asked visitors to rate airports according to a number of criteria, including security gates, check-in, passport control, restaurants, shops and other facilities and services. Despite problems, including long lines and delays, caused by the strain caused by a record number of travellers last year, Keflavík Airport came out among the best airports in Europe.

The local news site vf.is reports that ACI has previously ranked Keflavík among the best airports of Europe. In 2009, 2011 and 2014 the Airport came out in first place. This year however, Keflavík landed in third place. This is a very good result, considering the problems the airport faced last year, Björn Óli Hauksson, the CEO of Isavia, which operates the airport, argues.

Keflavík shares the third place with four other airports, Copenhagen, Porto, London Heathrow and Vienna. Four airports share second place, Zurich, Malta, Prague and Dublin. Three Russian airports share first place, Pulkovo in St Petersburg, Sochi and Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow.

Isavia has announced plans to expand the airport six-fold by 2040 to deal with growing traffic. Work on the project, which will allow the airport to handle as many as 25 million passengers annually, will start next year.

easyJet least likely to be tardy at Keflavík Airport, second month in a row

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For the second month in a row, the British low-cost airline Easy-Jet is least likely to be tardy at Keflavík Airport. The Icelandic airline WOW Air was most likely to be tardy of the major airlines at Keflavík.

The local news site visir.is reports that according to the Icelandic travel search engine Dohop, the airline which was most likely to be on time in September was easyJet. The airline‘s departures were on time 77% of the time and 84% of its arrivals. WOW Air came in last place with 68% of its departures on time and 59% of its arrivals. The average delay for departures for easyJet was 8.03 minutes and 5.65 minutes for arrivals.

Service at Keflavík has grown by 50% in two years
According to the local travel website turisti.is the number of flights in and out of Keflavík in September has grown by more than 50% between 2013 and 2015. A total of 1,566 flights departed Keflavík in September 2015, compared to 1,253 in September 2014 and 1,029 in September 2013.

The five largest airlines flying out of Keflavík in September 2015 were Icelandair with 66% of flights, WOW air with 14%, easyJet with 5%, Airberlin with 3.3% and SAS with 2.1%. Other airlines had a combined 9.6% of all traffic. The share of Icelandair has shrunk from 73.4% in 2013.

From: icelandmag.visir.is